HSE Knowledge Cloud

Welcome to Project HSE Knowledge Cloud.

There is a wealth HSE information held within the “libraries” HSE Practitioners. This project aims to build a “cloud” of accesible, collective, HSE knowledge from HSE Practioners around the globe. As participant of this project, you will a part of building this “knowledge cloud” by contributing a “portion of your knowledge and work” to the library.

The objective of this project is to help HSE practitioners expand their knowledge by acquiring, sharing and collaborating information.

Every HSE practitioner has some sort of personal library that he keeps, and almost closely guards. It is a collection of his experience and knowledge that are readily available for reuse and reference, to help himself while working on different work projects.

Imagine if you have access to a number of libraries from different HSE practitioner, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience! And at the same time, you share yours.


The HSE Knowledge Cloud is a joint project of WSO British Columbia Chapter and Pixiu Safety Support International Inc.

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